Bocce/ Lawn Bowling

Play Bocce Like A True Italian 

  1. Tune into the radio station providing the finest, richest and most dramatic musica opera (essential to curate authenticity and establish melodrama). 
  2. With a cunning glint in your eye, twirl a finely waxed mustache and step up to the court. Locate the smallest ball, the Boccino (Jack), and throw it from one end of the court to the zone located at the furthest end. 
  3. Choose another four balls and offer the remainder to your avversario. Bowl the first ball, attempting to place it as close to the Boccino as possible. Take it in turns until all balls are spent. 
  4. The player with the ball closest to the Boccino wins. They score a point for this ball in addition to a point for every ball closer than the opponents. 
  5. He/She who does not have the closest ball cannot score a point in this round. Rounds continue onwards until one player reaches 13 points. Upon victory, tis’ tradition to sip on Prosecco and mock your adversario for the remainder of the evening. 


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